Owning a boat isn't always easy: it requires a lot of work and maintenance. Sometimes, working on your boat gets in the way of enjoying your boat.
To us, that's just no good.
At Quality Mark, Inc., we work with inventors to create marine products that make your life as a boat owner easier and sell them to you all in one place. Because we're boaters ourselves, we create products that we like. Our solutions reduce your workload and increase the amount of time you're on the water.
When it comes down to it, all of us at Quality Mark, Inc. want you to enjoy your boat. Our products help you do just that. Interested in our marine products? Check out our boat solutions on our Products page or call our sales office at 651-465-6613.
Are you an inventor and think you have a product other boaters would like? Visit our page for inventors.
  Never before has
hitching a trailer
been so simple
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  The fast, easy, safe way
to get in and out of your
trailered boat.
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  Turn any boat lift
into a
roll-in / roll-out lift!
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  Automatically launches
and loads yous boat,
with the push of a....
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  Struggling to remove
your pedestal
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  Transmits an
audible alert when
your boat trailer....
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